The Best Ways to Use Google Maps With Apple’s CarPlay

The Best Ways to Use Google Maps With Apple’s CarPlay

The world might feel like a mess right now, depending on your technological, financial, or political interests, but there’s one thing I think we can all get universally excited about. Google Maps has finally come to CarPlay.

I honestly never thought I’d see the day when Apple would allow anything but its own services to live on your car’s digital dashboard. Meager little things like podcasting apps or YouTube, sure, whatever, but Google Maps? That’s practically admitting that Apple Maps is a failure, since it doesn’t take a genius (bar) to realize that most CarPlay users—who likely used Google Maps long before Apple Maps came along—will jump ship to Google’s app the second they’re allowed to.

The only reason I ever used Apple Maps at all was because it was the only app that would work seamlessly on CarPlay (with Siri support, no less). Now that the floodgates are open, I’m more excited than I should be to make Google Maps my primary, and only, mapping app forevermore.

Here are a few tips to get you started—including a fun little way you can “use Siri” with Google Maps, all thanks to iOS 12’s handy Shortcuts feature.

Use the microphone

When you tap on Google Maps on CarPlay, you’ll get a little overlay that allows you to select a destination you’d like to travel to, access the app’s options and, buried in the lower-right corner, talk to Google Maps itself. While there’s no (great) way to use Siri to load up a destination in Google Maps—more on that in a bit—at least you’re only two taps away from being able to yell your directions into Google Maps.

When you tap this microphone icon for the first time, you’ll be asked to take a peek at your device and allow Google Maps to access your microphone and enable its “voice search” capabilities. Do that, and get ready to save a lot of time versus entering addresses manually. Also, you probably shouldn’t be typing that much on your iPhone if you’re driving.

Try different routes

It’s a pretty basic feature, but I still appreciate that Google Maps gives you a few options to pick from when you’re deciding on your route. Easy stuff, just like what you’d experience in Apple Maps.

I’m also a fan of how Google Maps will show you the effects of navigation changes directly on the map itself. In other words, if you’re contemplating a different route, you can quickly see whether it might actually save you time or not:

Specify the kinds of routes you want to take

Tap on that Settings gear in the upper-right corner of Google Maps (on CarPlay), and you’ll be able to pick from the usual handful of parameters that Google Maps should consider when navigating you somewhere: avoiding highways, tolls, and ferries, for example.

You can also turn on a satellite view for Google Maps, which I love:

Look how pretty that is? Now you’ll have something to stare at when you’re sitting in traffic, wasting away your life on your horrible commute…..Read More>>>

Source:- lifehacker