Last-minute Christmas gifts you can still get in time

Last-minute Christmas gifts you can still get in time

It’s Dec. 23, two days until Christmas, which means you’re basically out of time to get something shipped. Amazon’s free two-day shipping window is closed, and the one-day window is either closing or (if you’re reading this late) already kaput.

Happily there’s still time to give a gift that doesn’t require shipping. Check out our full list of ideas in the gallery below.


Quick fix: Why not support your friendly neighborhood small business? Bet you can find some great last-minute gifts there.

Of course, as the clock clicks closer to Dec. 25, your retail options grow smaller. Thankfully, as long as there’s ink in the printer (and, um, internet in the computer), you can score something great — even with just minutes left before gift-exchange time. Note that CNET may receive commission from the sale of products featured on this page.

Here, then, is my list of the best last-minute gifts you can print at home or email from anywhere.

The gift of reading

Why stop at a single book or magazine subscription when you can gift someone a virtually unlimited supply?

Scribd, for example, costs $8.99 per month, a price that includes unlimited access to Scribd’s library of e-books, audiobooks, sheet music, magazine and news articles and more. You can give a three-month gift subscription for $25, six months for $50 or a year for $100.

The gift of listening

If you know someone who still consumes music old-school — LPs, CDs and so forth — it’s time to introduce them to the joys of unlimited on-demand listening.

In other words, give them the gift of Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify or another subscription service. And what a gift that is: All the music of the world (more or less) at their fingertips, with options for offline listening, playlist sharing and more.

Not sure which one to choose? Check out CNET’s roundup of the best music-streaming services. Know for sure you want to give Spotify (which, if you’re curious, would be my pick)? Here’s how to give Spotify as a gift.

The gift of watching

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for as long as I can remember, so I’m always shocked to find that some folks don’t have the service. How else, then, can they watch Black Mirror, BoJack Horseman, Glow, Godless, Maniac, Stranger Things, The Crown and countless other TV gems that can be found only there?

Yeah — you need to help these people out. Here’s how to gift Netflix for the holidays, including the all-important e-gift option.

Oh, they already have Netflix? Then how about Hulu? The current promotion nets you the Limited Commercials plan for just $5.99 per month (for the first year, then back to the regular $7.99)…..Read More>>>


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